In and around Maricao PR  

Maricao – follow route 120 from the cabin.  You will be going north and downhill on the road from where you parked your car.  Take route 120 to the stop sign at route 105, go right and follow into town.  There is a map below of Maricao and the area. (click on the map for a larger view)   If you are looking for internet access there is free WiFi on the town square /plaza in Maricao.



Hacienda Juanita - on route 105 about 3 to 4 miles west of the cabin.  It is on the right hand side, just watch for a small sign.  This is an old coffee plantation converted to guest rooms and a coffee shop. 


Salto Curet waterfall - a 100' two step waterfall with a deep pool at the bottom.  Take route 105 east out of Maricao to route 425 (105 makes a sharp left and 425 goes to the right), follow 425 to the end and park.  Walk down across the stream and up around to the left, you will follow this trail for about 20 to 30 minutes and cross thru the stream a second time.  When you come to the stream the third time there will be a house above the trail on the left.  Follow the stream upstream about 100 yds. to the falls.


Observation Tower - on route 120 about 4 miles south the cabin.  You passed this on the way in from Sabana Grande.  Climb the steps inside the tower for beautiful views of most of the southwest corner of the island and the ocean beyond.


Monte del Estado - state forest that starts at the south edge of our land and runs several miles south from there.  Hiking trails, world class bird watching and cloud forest vegetation.

Maricao Coffee Fest - take 105 into Maricao    Food, crafts, music and coffee.  Always Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Presidents Day weekend in February


State Fish Hatchery(Los Viveros) - can be seen from the gate area of our property.  To get there go into Maricao and take route 410 out from the downtown area.

Mayaguez and Rincon - Mayaguez is the largest city of the west end of the island and Rincon is a popular beach, surfing and whale watching area.  Go into Maricao and take route 357 out of town past the convenience store and fountain.  Follow to route 119, turn right (north) on 119.  Go to route 106 take to the left (west) follow to route 352.  Intersection for route 352 is in a small town and next to the pharmacy, turn right (north) on 352.  Take this to 108, left on 108 (west) and go to route 430.  Turn right on 430 (north) and take this to route 109.  Go Left on 109 (west) and stay on until the stoplight at route 2.  Route 2 is part of the  main highway going around the island.  At this light you can go 3 directions - left to go into the north end of Mayaguez,  - right to go to the towns of Aguada and Aguadilla on the islands northwest shore, - or straight thru to go to Rincon area (you will be on route 115), there is a good observation tower on this road and follow it to route 413 and go left to find the beaches, whale watching and the lighthouse.



Café la Casona – a family run coffee and fruit plantation in Las Marias.  From Maricao take route 120 north (goes out of town near the fountain) to 408 and turn right on 408, go to km 1.7 this is little past where 409 turns off to the right.  Takes about 15 to 20 minutes from the cabin and 408 is very a narrow and twisty road, but they have great coffee.  Go on Friday, Saturday or Sunday to eat authentic Puerto Rican cuisine at the restaurant, La Casona de Artemio.  1-787-210-8252

Cabo Rojo – the very southwest tip of the island with a lighthouse, great crescent shaped beach and high rock cliffs.  60 to 75 min. drive from the cabin. Go south on 120 from the cabin to Sabana Grande then 102 west to 118 south, left onto 118.  Take this to 117 and turn right.  Follow 117 to route 116, turn left onto 116. You will be going south, turn right onto 305 and go to route 301.  Turn left onto 301, after a couple of miles the road changes to gravel and dirt but take it to the parking at the very end.


Boqueron - A pay beach ( $4.00 per car) on the western shore.  Popular with the locals in the summer.  From the cabin take 120 south to Sabana Grande.  Follow the same directions as above for Cabo Rojo until you get to route 301.  Take a right on 301 and follow to route 101, then go left (west) on 101 into Boqueron and follow the signs to the beach.


San German - Old downtown, plaza, churches and beautiful buildings.  Take 120 south to Sabana Grande then 102 west into San German.


La Parguera - Tourist town on the Caribbean shore. All marine protected area off shore.  Spend the day diving, paddling a kayak to the out lying islands or shopping and at night go with Gina's & Johnny's boats to the Bio-Bay.  In the Bio-Bay micro-organizisms in the water glow when they touch anything - fish, the boat or swimmers.  To get here take route 120 south from the cabin into Sabana Grande, take route 102 west through under route 2 to route 118.  Left on 118 to 117.  Right on 117 to route 116.  Turn left on route 116 and follow to route 304.  Turn right on 304 and follow into La Parguera.


Guanica - Along the south shore, this is a nature reserve area and home to many endangered species and turtle nesting grounds.  Things to see here are the dry forest, the many beautiful beaches and the off shore islands.  You can kayak or take a boat out to Gilligan's island about a mile off shore for hiking and snorkeling.  From the cabin take 120 south to Sabana Grande then go east on Rt. 2 towards Ponce.  Exit onto 116 going south and take to PR333 ( third light?) turn left onto 333.  Balinero Cana Gorda is a pay beach ($3.00 per car) or take the road all the way to the gate at the end and walk the boardwalk to Tamarindo beach.  Just past Cana Gorda is a road to the right that takes you to the boat dock to get to Gilligan's island.  Hiking trails up into the dry forest are found along 333, get a trail map and carry water to drink.



Search Google for details on any of these places and plan on coming back so you can see them all!!

Drive careful and enjoy the sites.